Kindly beware of fraudulent messages being circulated. TRJ Company Limited does not approve loans by SMS and would never request payment before approving or disbursing your loan


Terms and Conditions

1. Processing fee

The processing fee for the loan will be charged at 1% flat on the principal (the principal being the amount of money borrowed). Processing means, putting the loan through, making the money available, documentation and insurance.

2. Other Charges fee

A case of default in loan repayment schedule will lead to the following charges:

  • Penalty charge of 0.25% on the rolled over principal and accrued interest.
  • Restructuring fee of 0.25% on the rolled over principal and accrued interest.

The Penalty charge of 0.25% is added to the loan to be repaid when the borrower fails to repay the loan on the agreed date.

Restructuring Fee of 0.25% is added to the loan to be repaid when the borrower defaults to follow the repayment schedule. Due to the default in following the repayment schedule, the figures of the repayment schedule would need to be adjusted.

3. Duration

Each cycle starts/ends on the 24th of every month.
In the event where there is likely to a default in repayment, it is advised that prior notice be given to T.R.J Company Limited before due date to avail you a period of 7-working days to redeem the loan, failure to do so will incur the above listed charges and further lead to liquidation of security

Terms and Condition on Investments (4:24 Scheme)

*Please note that T.R.J Company Limited reserves the right to debit a client’s portfolio for fees

1. Management fee

This fee is the cost of having your portfolio professionally managed by TCL and insured by AIICO, which is 0.5% flat rate (collected upfront once) of the principal investment.

2. Renewal fee

Renewal Fee is the cost of rolling over your investment after the specified/agreed tenor. This rate is placed at 0.5% flat rate (collected upfront once) of the rolled over investment.

3. Statutory Tax

This charge is mandatory and fixed by government. Hence, WHT (With-Holding Tax) which is 5% flat of every income, will be deducted from your monthly interest and remitted to the FIRS (Federal Inland Revenue Service).

4. Pre-Liquidation fee

The Pre-Liquidation charge is implemented upon early liquidation of investments, that is, if you choose to liquidate your investment before the agreed/specified period, you would be charged 1% flat on the liquidated principal amount. This charge would be calculated and deducted before your investment is returned to you.

5. Investment Clause

All investors are to send a mail requesting TCL’s services, upon which a representative will guide/advise on the related processes for registration. T.R.J Company Limited will not be held liable for unsolicited funds received without prior notice i.e. TCL will not pay interest on any individual’s/company’s funds that have not been registered properly. TCL will return all unsolicited funds upon notice within a 30-day period.