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Scholar Trust

The Scholar Trust helps to secure the academic future of an individual which is most often a child or grandchild

What is Scholar Trust?

The Scholar Trust is an investment scheme in TCL, established to secure the academic future of an individual which is most often a child or grandchild.

A minimum investment of ₦1,000,000.00 annually

Minimum startup contribution of ₦100,000.00

Subsequent payment is done monthly or in four installments at the beginning of every quarter

The trust lasts for a minimum of 10 years, before withdrawals can be made

Returns are given on investments annually

Benefits of Scholar Trust

The benefits of a scholar trust are peculiar and could be referred to as a bonus

Scholarship Opportunity

An investment that is sustained to the maturity of 10 years or more attracts a scholarship to the beneficiary into any school of choice.

Bonus Payments

Upon presentation and confirmation of certificate, the beneficiary gets paid the total investment accrued in the trust over the years as a bonus.

Top-Notch Management

The trust fund is professionally
managed to generate returns annually.

The grading scale on how much interest every investment earns every year is given below

Scholar Trust Amount Interest(%)
Diamond 50,000,000 - Above 20.0
Platinum 25,000,000 - 49,999,999 18.0
Gold 10,000,000 - 24,999,999 15.0
Silver 1,000,000 - 9,999,999 10.0

Terms & Conditions
The funds shall be locked up for an initial period of 12 months before trust will yield annual returns.
The trust maturity is tied to the fulfilment of the purpose for the trust. The bonus is retrieved in cases listed below; When the investment fund last below 10years. When the trust is used for another purpose. If total trust fund target at maturity is below the agreed bandwidth, interest will be netted from the annual interest repayment.

Birth Certificate of the Benefactor
Letter of Approval (TCL as Trustee)
No competing product comes close in terms of the features and ease of use.