Kindly beware of fraudulent messages being circulated. TRJ Company Limited does not approve loans by SMS and would never request payment before approving or disbursing your loan



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Repair Buddy?

Repair Buddy is a loan product designed to help you repair and service your damaged cars and payback the cost of repairs within 6 months.

What are the requirements for Repair Buddy?

The requirements for Personal loans are also applied to this product

Does TCL do proof of funds?

Yes, we do. We charge a 5% interest rate on the funds requested.

What is Gadget Financing?

Gadget Mix is a product created by TCL to allow salary earners to pick up gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones, and accessories from selected vendors and spread payment on this item for up to 3 Months.

What are the supporting documents required for a loan?

You will be required to fill our one-time customer KYC form and provide agreed collateral.

Who can be my guarantor?

A Guarantor can only be a Bank employee

What is the interest rate on loans?

We charge 5% for salary earners and 10% for business owners.

How is the repayment plan for loans?

We allow flexible repayment to fit our customer’s cashflow. However each cycle repayment must at least accommodate interest repayment.

What is the maximum amount of loan I can take?

We lend based on the customer’s cashflow or collateral provided.

How often can I ask for a loan even if I have already taken?

You can request for additional funds (top-up) as long and your cash-flow or collateral can cover it.

What would happen if I do not complete my payment during the tenor of the loan?

The collateral for the loan will be liquidated upon default and/or non-compliance.
What forms of collateral are accepted?
We accept Banker’s cheque, Vehicles, Land or property (in Lagos).
Can I complete my loan before my tenor ends?
Yes, loans can be prepaid on or before the end of the agreed cycle/tenor.
What are the requirements of loans?
Filled Bio-data form and supporting documents
How long is a cycle?
A cycle starts and ends on the 24th of every month